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 How To Titan Hunt

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PostSubject: How To Titan Hunt   How To Titan Hunt I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 05, 2011 1:42 am

User configurable remapping of movement keys
binding of a key to the quick-repair function, refresh and World page
NO rebinding of commands on the map arrow icons - bind keystrokes only
Only operate on the world screen, blacksmith and combat when there was no mob
Does not process keys unless focus is on the overall document (i.e. not in a text box)
Shows remaining imps and (optionally) moves warning to the top banner area
NEW "fm" version, 8/15/11: Fast-updates the world page -- only reloads the center area (map, buffs, actions) and the stamina counter when you move -- much faster.
Fast World update works with FSHelper quick-combat but not with all other FSHelper enhancements.

Automatic Reload features:
Realm Map Refresh:
-- at a programmable interval in milliseconds, minimum 250 milliseconds
-- Only fetch new images and redraw part of Realm Map that has changed
-- AJAXified, does not reload entire page, just the changed parts
-- uses asynchronous XMLHttpRequests to mimimize user interface lock-up
-- reload entire map when title changes
-- watchdog timer forces complete reload if did not get a response from servers in 3 seconds.
-- give an indication (blinking title text) that updates are being received
-- dashed grid to make movement easier to figure, optional
Reload Scout Tower
-- at a programable interval, minimum 2 seconds
-- uses reload for more efficient use of browser resources.

New for Revision 0.91:
-- optional background-blink for realm map (off by default)
-- new, more effcient hotkey storage and processing
-- took out the comments for faster loading
-- lowered minimum relam refresh rate to 200 milliseconds.

New for 7/11/11 Revision
-- button to quickly turn off right-column "distractions" that slow down hunting
-- code size decreased by almost 10%
-- watchdog timeout is based on map refresh setting (works better with slow (i.e. every 3 second) refresh)

New for 8/18/11 Revision
-- fast update of World map, should help all hunters with slow connections
-- fixes form-inside-table error in HC's Actions table HTML

New for 8/20/11 Revision
-- improved efficiency of Realm map reload code - should reduce UI stutter
-- fixed for Dark Realms - now remembers where you've seen
-- can now move even if the Combat Result screen is showing
-- have not Titan hunted in a Dark realm (not high enough level) so that isn't tested yet

New for 8/21/11 Revisions
-- fixed a minor bug
-- Classic: added quick-movement from combat screen to Classic version
-- QW: changed TS Reload ("S" key) to be a quick reload of center colum rather than a complete page reload

New for 8/28/11 Revisions
-- Smaller, more efficient Scout Tower display
-- Improved Dark realm support -- graying out of areas not currently visible

New for 8/29/11
-- added indicators to the Scout Tower for guild's kills as percentage of total Titan HP and, if a secure is still possible, how many kills are needed to secure. This replaces the similar FS Helper function.

(Do not use ReloadEvery on the Realm Map or Scout Tower if you are using Titan Stride on them.)

Controls are at the bottom of the Character->Preferences page:

Turn on CAPSLOCK, turn off the "Distractions," and turn off FSHelper while hunting the Titan.
Also, installing the FS Image Pack helps a lot.
Click here to get TitanStride QW with Fast World load and reload from the Bushido website

Update from Lawdog -- 7/31/11

There is a glitch that many people, including me, have experienced : getting the "there can be only one (square moved at a time)" message and then not being able to move at all. Reloading the page does not help. Using the regular movement keys or clicking the move arrows does not help. This isn't a bug in the TS code: if it was, a forced reload would solve the problem. As near as I can tell, this is some kind of syncronization failure between the browser and the game database -- maybe internal to the Cow database system or maybe an artifact of a bug in the browser cache consistancy algorithm. The best solution is to step back: try going one square back toward where you came from, or just one square in each direction until you succesfully move. Once you step back to where the server thinks you are or onto any square adjacent to that location, the problem disappears and TS will work again.

Update from Lawdog -- 8/3/11

Improved the rendering of the border to make it more consistantly visible on all maps.
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How To Titan Hunt
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